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Shot at the English open


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The first 32 golden years of the OSC

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Saturday. 10th June, Four shoots showing from Dartford, Cambridge, National England Team Selection and Northampton. From the ETS Gary Cook shot the only straight


  Cookie      Martin Flemming  Neil Faulkner  Craig Lakey     Andy Harvey     MG Russell (no picture)

Sunday  11th June. Six Shoots Showing from, Dartford,  Eriswell, Kingsferry, National England Team Selection, Northampton and Nottingham. From the ETS Five straights from, Martyn Flemming, Neil Faulkner, Craig Lakey, MG  Russell and Andy Harvey

The New England Team is on the CPSA Website.  The score sheet is on the National Website..

    OSC CHAMPIONS.            Champions 2017


 Oxton-A614 745 Kibworth 80
 Lakenheath 701 Tadley 76
Dartford 484 Barby 75
Northampton 465 Morton 65
Kingsferry 375 Parkford 52
SanAntonio 360 Cosford 49
Nottingham 313 Southern Counties 48
Doveridge 243 Carnview Farms 41
N of England 180 Oxney 39
Bisley 117 Bentswaters  32

From the 100 plus grounds on our records, this chart shows the Top Twenty, and the number of straights that have been shot at these grounds since our records began in 1985.  Without having the actual ground records, these numbers are what the members have on their files, that I have recorded through the years...Vall

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