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The first 32 golden years of the OSC

WEEKLY news from the grounds.

Please report all 100 straights to my email address allong with the details:- Event ( CPSA or NSSA or ESC or other national association ) Date along with there Name and association Number.

Updates to 100 Straight

JUNE 17TH - Michael Dore 100 straight NSSA at Cosford ( Mickey dedicated the straight to Valls Memory and is the first straight shot since Valls passing )

JUNE 19TH - Martin Brister 100 straight ESC at Dartford

JUNE 19TH - Peter Bloomfield 100 straight ESC at Dartford

JUNE 24TH - Michael Dore 4x 100 straight NSSA at Cosford (that is 400 straight )

JULY 1ST - Peter Stanton-Hope 100 straight CPSA at Dartford

JULY 8TH - Michael Dore 100 straight NSSA at Cosford

JULY 9TH - Michael Dore 100 straight NSSA at Dartford

JULY 15TH - Peter Stanton-Hope 100 straight at Dartford

JULY 15TH - David Paterson 100 straight NSSA at Luchars, Scotland

JULY 23RD BSSA Championship Eriswell Lodge - Jonathan Cain 100 straight NSSA, Arthur Keats 100 straight NSSA, Niel Faulkner 100 straight NSSA

Jonathan Cain Won the shoot off for the BSSA -100 Straight Vall Fraser Trophy and became the first recipient the trophy will be awarded at the four BSSA championships to the winning 100 straight shooter in any gauge at the four events as there were no 100 shot at the BSSA European Championship Jonathan Cain is the holder until the 2018 Iron Man .

JULY 29TH - Michael Dore 100 straight NSSA at Cosford

AUGUST 5TH - Lois Mondesir 100straight CPSA at Dartford

AUGUST 5TH - Shiels I Hessin 100 straight UCPSA Dungannon CPC, Ulster

AUGUST 11TH - Rebecca Kibble 100 straight SCTA at Cluny Clays

AUGUST 20TH BRITISH SKEET CHAMPIONSHIP Nottingham+DGC, 100 straight Megan Jones CPSA 127751 Champion, 100 straight A Barnes CPSA 119611 Runner Up, 100 straight Lois Mondesir CPSA 113663 third, 100 straight Jonathan Cain CPSA 53934 AA winner

    OSC CHAMPIONS.           Champions 2017


 Oxton-A614 745 Kibworth 80
 Lakenheath 701 Tadley 76
Dartford 484 Barby 75
Northampton 465 Morton 65
Kingsferry 375 Parkford 52
SanAntonio 360 Cosford 49
Nottingham 313 Southern Counties 48
Doveridge 243 Carnview Farms 41
N of England 180 Oxney 39
Bisley 117 Bentswaters  32

From the 100 plus grounds on our records, this chart shows the Top Twenty, and the number of straights that have been shot at these grounds since our records began in 1985. Without having the actual ground records, these numbers are what the members have on their files, that I have recorded through the years... Vall

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